The wrong Kids chair is actually the main cause of a child's hunchback


Chinese parents are the only people in the world who dote on their children. They also spend a lot of time on raising children and getting into school. But often detail decides success or failure, because of a Kids chair possibly, can make the child's development produces unnecessary problem.
Children's growth and development has its natural law, not too much artificial intervention. Some bad standing posture, sitting posture, will have a bad effect on the child's physical development after tomorrow. When it comes to sitting posture, children's chairs have a great relationship. Parents are very concerned about their children's study, reading, whether the eyes are myopic and other problems are more concerned about, to sit on the chair is not aware of many times.
More even, also think that children's chair or unkind business sales gimmick, but in fact, according to the results of scientific research, children sitting on the wrong chair for a long time, really easy to lead to problems such as physical development, visual development, and even fall, knock against common things.
In the world of children from zero to three years old, the world of adults is too big, and the chair is a monster. Play, have a meal to watch TV even, need to have the chair that belongs to children oneself. At this time, the need for children to choose their own height, relatively light chair, the manuscript is generally about 25~35cm.
For children who have read primary school, basically will choose adult chair to sit, but let children use inappropriate height chair for a long time, the most obvious consequence is that it will cause children's hunchback. Need to buy a special book desk and chair, ergonomic, general chair standard seat height is about 40~50cm. At this time, children's body growth is fast, frequent purchase is also very troublesome, it is best to choose tables and chairs that can be highly adjusted to solve this problem.
In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, there are special standards for the production of children's chairs and stools, and in recent years, these standards are constantly upgraded. There are mandatory standards in terms of structure, safety and material use. Although there is no clear explanation in the domestic market, parents also need to pay attention to them when buying. Try not to choose a chair without protective measures, highly unreasonable, pungent smell, so as not to appear in the process of children using the problem.
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